10 Things You Can Do or Bring to Make Your BlogHer '10 Greener

If you’re nothing like me, you’re already packing for BlogHer10, or at least making a list of things to remember to bring. (I always toss everything into my suitcase the night before and pray.) I’m here to remind you to bring a few items that can make your trip a little greener. Yes, it’s true that BlogHer has done a lot of work to ensure the conference is as eco-friendly as possible. (Read all about BlogHer10′s Green Initiatives.) But providing for the needs of 2,000 attendees is a monumental task, and the organizers can’t do it all. That’s where personal responsibility comes in. ...more

I did not attend the conference but still found your post very helpful....I can certainly use ...more

BYO mug: Ditch the disposable cup and bottle habit

Toting your own to-go mug or reusable water bottle isn't just an eco-altruistic act. You can reap many more selfish benefits by becoming a reusenik: 1. Extra money. Whether it's a nearby Starbucks or an indie coffee shop, many coffee shops offer you between a nickel and a quarter off your drink for BYOing. ...more

Re: BYO mug: Ditch the disposable cup and bottle habit

Bringing our own mug or ...more