small pleasures: pretentious water bottles

I work at a desk all. day. long. There's a good chance you do too. As a result, I have to occupy myself with small pleasures throughout the work week in order to prevent myself from impulsively quitting due to lack of movement and a sore butt every 20-25 minutes. ...more

10 No-Brainer Ways to Use Water Wisely. Plus, a Bonus...

As I pointed out previously, we're drinking the same water Cleopatra drank....more

Kick Your Bottled Water Habit

There has been a lot of talk lately about bottled water and the negative effects on our planet. Believe it or not most manufactures do not provide bottled water that is any healthier for you than tap water. To add to this, its expensive and produces massive amounts of waste each year. When I heard that American’s buy an estimated 29.8 billion plastic water bottles each year, most of which end up in landfills, I was astonished! I decided to take the “Take Back The Tap” pledge months ago in order to lighten my global “footstep”....more

A Greener BlogHer '09: Did you notice the eco-changes?

Did you notice that Blogher '09 was greener than ever this year? The Green Team put in a lot of work to ecofy the conference, despite the constraints of the event being in a huge hotel (the Sheraton's actually a part of the Chicago Green Hotels Initiative (PDF), though if the hotel's seriously interested in going green, the Green Team could make a lot of helpful suggestions!). ...more


Your water footprint, illustrated


A big part of the problem is simply our messed up factory farms, which cage up cows in ...more

Water Bottles and Kids

Just as it is important that we as adults drink our water from refillable, reusable water bottles, it is equally important that our children do as well. The habits and values we instill in them when they are young are the habits and values they are likely to carry with them throughout their lives and eventually pass on to their children. ...more
Kids are our wealth and future. Let's make them eco conscious and responsible for their health. ...more