It's there!

 I took a long walk through my local “Home Goods” store and fell in love with everything. But if it didn’t cost ten dollars (all I had on me) I was not going to get it. Well… I had to get something to eat so all bets were off). I saw a beautiful blue bench, tall wooden shelves and pretty pink things that I can no longer place in my daughter’s room....more

Get Rid of Easter Goodies in an Eco-Friendly Way!

Still need to clean up your Easter goodies?  Here are my tips on how to do it in an easy, eco-friendly way!  Check out the video......more

3 Easy Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Swaps

The Easter bunny is on his way!  Here are 3 easy, eco-friendly Easter basket swaps to make the celebration a little greener! Read more......more

Run down to Vintage Glam: Curio Cabinet

This is a personal project of mine. I had this curio that was given to me from a friend. At the time it was given to me, I couldn't turn it down because it was the nicest piece of furniture I could own and since it was a gift I decided I would make room for it in the tiny two bedroom apartment that we lived in at the time. This piece of furniture has traveled with us from house to house, across the country and back a few times, and needless to say… it was starting to look a little beaten up....more

Making Reuse Convenient – Incubating Consumer Behavior Change On Campuses

The lesson of The Three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle helped us shape our view of the environment. America’s college students have embraced new solutions pertaining to reducing and recycling, but the area that hasn’t been addressed properly is reuse....more

Building the Culture of Reuse - Pittsburgh ReuseFest Centralizes Donation Process

In early August, Pittsburgh residents will have a uniqueopportunity to redistribute all of their "gently used" stuff to nine community organizations and non-profits in one fell swoop via the 2nd Annual Pittsburgh ReuseFest....more

Stop Thinking Green, Start Thinking Simple

We are in a green revolution. Our advancements in technology along with the obvious truth that the way our world is functioning is destroying our environment have put us into a whirlwind of green, organic, all-natural everything. There have been some incredible things that have come from this mental shift, but the reality is, we're still not getting the point....more

re-use / recycle home improvement project

 In honor of Earth Day,  I want to share one of my recent re-use projects.  A friend was getting rid of this oak chest for $25.00! My husband is a cabinet maker and I knew we couldn’t even get the wood for that amount, so I brought it home with hopes of him making it into a home bar /beverage area…….thankfully, I convinced him it was a good idea. Before…...more

Solving the Garbage Can Liner Dilemna

Green Tip -   Garbage Can LinersDilemna -  how to avoid using plastic bag liners, but not end up with a dirty, stinky pail?  If you are really diligent about bringing cloth bags for shopping -  not just at grocery stores but ALL stores - this eliminate the source of reusable plastic bags.   On the other hand, NOT lining the pail ends up with food waste stuck on the bottom/ side of the can and the need to wash out the pail each time.   A waste of water....more