It's not just's repurposing

My friend Karen used a term that really struck home with me...repurpose.Not just use until you can't use it anymore but find something else to do with it besides tossing it into the waste stream until it's really ready to be in the waste stream. In my head (I spend at lot of time talking to myself) I can hear a chorus of but wait a minutes out there. Not everything is for everyone that I am about to discuss. Just do what you can do....more

Being Green is just Another Word for Being Responsible

Here's My Take on Being Green ...more

Money in 2013 from a non-money person

     Have you noticed the trends in articles surrounding the New Year?  First it was all about setting and trying to keep your New Year's Resolution.  Then it became a bit more focused with the subjects trending on weight and fitness.  Now it seems we are entering a phase where the focus is money,...more

Make your own Compost Bin out of Concrete Blocks

Maybe you're noticing a theme here- I like concrete b...more

DIY a pretty jewelry display w/ recycled materials

Here's an easy diy design tutorial you can feel good about - turning some old cardboard and styrofoam into some chic hanging displays for your statement jewelry & accessories! I've made a bunch of these and they are pretty and wonderfully functional (I use them to pin craft componants to as well like when I'm making jewelry). What you’ll need:...more
I love this! A fantastic idea!more

Upcycling Blog: alternatives to business cards

This is a neat blog I found with an idea of an alternative way for people to get their business out without your typical business card.  I'm thinking of creating my own with a similar idea only something more like fantasy since I do fantasy art.  This blog has ideas of upcycling stuff you may not have a use for and she has items that she sells that are created from unused materials that would be wasting in a landfill....more

You don’t have to be rich to have a beautiful home and you don’t have to be poor to buy second-hand furnishings!

  We all have different tastes and our homes are where we express ourselves the best.  I also think that taste, evolves as we grow and it is constantly metamorphosing as we change even if it’s only in minute detail. When you walk into someone’s home for the first time, you can learn a lot about this person just by observing the surroundings.  If it’s messy and chaotic or without character/personality it makes me think that something is going on with this person, not always a bad something but something never the less.  If it’s full of character and person...more

Making the Most of Junk Mail

Try as I might, I have not been able to completely eliminate junk mail. So I have decided to consider it a resource. Here are some ways that I am using my junk mail: I reuse the sealable envelopes to hold seeds collected from my garden. I write grocery lists on the outside of otherwise unusable envelopes, and then put the coupons I am going to use inside. Rew is learning to cut pictures from the catalogs and then he practices pasting the pictures he has cut onto a piece of paper. ...more