Reverse Culture Shock

It’s now one week since my plane touched down in the states.Being with my family is wonderful but so much has changed.  Even as nothing has changed.It’s hard to put into words all that I’m feeling. The reverse culture shock this time around is intense....more

Teaching Our Family to Survive in a Thai Orphanage

I can see it in the way my husband eyes the Girl as she grabs her third helping of chicken. When I throw him a questioning glance he says, "A chicken half this size would be all the meat for dinner for all 28 kids at the orphanage."...more

I have to agree with you about my husband.

I will hope with you that your family finds a way. ...more

Out of Africa and into Canada

     I apologize, dear readers, for falling off the face of this earth. I have to admit I've been a bit confused about what  to do with my blog when I'm back in Canada (hopefully for a short time). So if you'll ...more