Book review: Creative Paper Cutting by Cheong-ah Hwang Extract from 07/01/2017 post (click for full review)Full title: Creative Paper Cutting; fifteen paper sculptures to inspire and delightAuthor: Cheong-ah HwangISBN: 978 1 86108 9205...more

a very, merry, sticky christmas

Every Christmas I run into the same exact problems. Do I make my own gift tags or buy the cute ones at Target? Do I buy the cute tags or buy the almost-as-cute $1 ones at Target? Do I pay extra and get our return address printed on our Christmas card envelopes? Do I pay to buy an oh-so-trendy handmade stamp for our Christmas card envelopes? Do I send Christmas cards this year? ^^^HA, big fat JK on that one. Of course we have to send Christmas cards this year and every year. Wink. ...more

Travel trailer review: Everything you need to about them!

Going on a road trip away is a very exciting thought in itself. But did you know that going on a road trip means you are actually giving up on the luxuries and comforts of your home. While many people think it is actually not a big deal but most of them would agree with us that being able to enjoy the comforts and luxuries while you are on the road is never a bad choice! This is actually achievable for people who decide to buy a travel trailer. It is almost a like a dream come true and gives you the most amazing feeling while traveling as well....more

The Agony of Activism: Life According to Ohad Movie Review

 You might already know that veganism has gained ground rapidly in Israel over the last few years. This has been thanks in a large part to the work of Gary Yourofsky.  The result is a new generation of activists, including Ohad Cohen, the subject of the documentary film Life According to Ohad. But Life According to Ohad is not just a movie about veganism.  It's about understanding who we are, our place in the universe and our understanding of ourselves. ...more

Dreamwork's Trolls Movie: More than Meets the Eye

 This weekend, my husband and I took the kids to see Dreamworks' Trolls Movie. They had a great time, as did we. It's a simple movie, but it's message that happiness cannot be consumed is a powerful one, especially for vegans. The Trolls movie is lighthearted and entertaining, to be sure. But its message is pretty inescapable: happiness can't be consumed....more

NaBloPoMo (11/2016) - Day 11: "Fun Home" Review

 Attending the national touring production of Fun Home was, to put it bluntly, an emotional kick in the stomach. It had already been an emotional week, full of highs and lows, and this was one more thing to toss onto the ever-growing pile of feelings.It is a beautiful show that was beautifully performed....more

ABC Kids Expo 2016 Favorites!

The ABC Kids Expo welcomed over 12,000 attendees, over 900 exhibitors and nearly 3,000 booths spread over 1 million square feet of exhibit space at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Oct 18th to 21st this year. I was able to attend with K from the 18th to the 20th, so I had a lot of discovering to do in 2 days!   ...more

Magical, Magical Sugru

The only thing more fragile than an ego is a lightning cable. They must tolerate all manner of pushing and twisting and crimping so that we can use our iPhones every second we’re awake. And I don’t know about you, but mine seems to be made from tissue paper. (The cable.)...more

Quentin Blake exhibition review

 What: The Quentin Blake: Inside Stories exhibitionWhere: National Museum CardiffWhen: Tues-Sun 10-4:45 until 20th November Admission: Free...more