The Review: Brave Genius

The Perfect Every Day Handbag

Trendy bags are tons of fun - and I own my fair share - but as I've gotten older and entered the workforce I've started to realize how much practicality outweighs trend. I love my Michael Kors Selma for example, but when I'm off to work and need to carry my lunch, camera, wallet, keys, and on occasion my laptop - the Selma just doesn't cut it. What I absolutely love is when a handbag can marry practicality with minimalistic, classic style....more

Best Pumpkin Spice Latte

Review: Graze 'Best of USA' box


The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Oh Katherine Applegate, why do you torture us so and make humans out to be complete jerks???  Because, my friends, sometimes we are when it comes to animals. This message will stay with you forever. FOREVER! ...more

Imogene in New Orleans by @YeahHunter

IT'S IMOGENE DAY! Because words aren't enough, here's my video review: ...more

My First Book of Football: A Rookie Book

I'll admit: I've probably been to more football games than your average fan. BUT, I hardly understand the game! Truth be told, I was a BANDIE and traveled all around the PA tri state area performing at high school, college, and professional games. Ask me if I knew anything other than Touchdown? I didn't. I knew touchdown cuz that was when the band played the Fight Song! I figured now is the time to learn football.  How hard could it be? ...more

Why I Love Chromebooks

Shortly after deciding to go back to college, I made the realization that I needed a new laptop.  The one we owned was bulky and heavy and I shared it with my husband, which only caused me to feel guilty every time I needed to use it for school work....more