Gonzo for Ganzi

We found out after the epic Tdot Culinary Mixtape that our new friend Chef Friday cooks brunch on Sundays at Ganzi, an Italian restaurant just north of Wellesley and Church Street....more

An Unexpected Beauty Blender Review

After years of wearing liquid makeup, I only recently caved and tried the cult favorite Beauty Blender....more

New Season Breathes Life Back into Doctor Who

"Deep Breath," the title of Doctor Who’s season premiere, is more than just a reference to its featured villains (although, because said villains are cyborgs hell-bent on organ-harvesting their way to the status of "living," it’s a shame we won’t be spending more time with them). Based on the evidence, "Deep Breath" is actually a message to the fans, a warning that after several seasons of glossy explosions, love triangles, and soapy melodrama, their beloved show is about to head in a very different direction. ...more
Katy Anders  Thanks for your comment, Katy! I agree with you; based on the way they handled the ...more

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The Fight - Book Review

The Fight was such an easy and quick read, I finished it in about a week. Yes, even stealing just a few minutes here and there. I really wanted to steal a few minutes here and there. Having enjoyed The Fight by Luke Wordley so much, writing this book review is easy. The chapters flew by so quickly, filled with description enough to pain the picture, but not overwhelming. The action and character development were so clear and engaging....more

Dear Son - Book Review

I was so excited to read this book for review, as part of Tyndale Blog Network. Dear Son - David Bruskas...more

16 Good Movies You've Never Heard Of

I'm a movie lover.  I've had a movie by mail delivery service since Blockbuster's heyday back in 2004....more

I'm the only Mom in the world that doesn't like Honest diapers

 When we first brought Phoebe home from the hospital we used Pampers Swaddlers. The hospital had given us a TON of them and free is one of my favorite things! They worked just fine and we were happy with them.Early on in my pregnancy I had plans for how this whole baby thing would look. Thanks to stylish moms on Instagram visions of chevron and hand knitted dolls danced through my head. And then, of course, there were the diapers. To be specific, Honest diapers. Oh they were so pretty. ...more

Clarisonic Mia. My Holy Grail

My holy grail for my acne prone face…my beautiful Clarisonic Mia in pink of course!Well, let me tell you why I had to go out and snag this baby.Up until I reached 30 something, I had porcelain clear skin. Then one day my skin turned on me! I waited a couple of months to see if it was some kind of fluke, but….it stayed....more

Fashionistas Nipple Suckers Review

Review of Fashionistas Nipple Suckers by Icon Brands ...more