How Daddy Bloggers Could Change Parenting for the Better

  Nathan Hegedus has a post on why daddy bloggers are an important and necessary part of the new parental landscape. Before we dissect that, let's look at an earlier article from this week about mommy bloggers. Lisa Belkin takes a look at a study on mom bloggers that finds: ...more

Debunking Email Forwards

They first appeared around 1997, when my email was, and they've become more creatively outrageous every year. You get them too -- the carelessly forwarded email from your mom's friend, your arch-conservative brother-in-law or your late bloomer friend who checks her email bi-monthly: The Misinformed Email. These are the mindless forwards that beget Snopes and Hoax Slayer and I'm here to warn you, I absolutely live to debunk them. ...more
I was so happy to read this, I started researching the crazy things people re-post or forward a ...more

NAACP Convention Dominated by Resolution Demanding Tea Partiers Denounce Racism

The 101st annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is meeting in Kansas City, Missouri this week, and the big headlines are going to a delegate resolution calling on leaders of  the Tea Party movement to repudiate racism in the "signs and speeches" of some of its supporters. Although the resolution does not call the movement racist, that's the focus of much of the commentary. The resulting controversy has given NAACP president Benjamin Jealous the best platform he has had to date to draw attention to the organization's civil rights agenda.  It has also renewed charges that the NAACP is a race-baiting organization pandering to Democratic political allies. ...more

to find tea party members denouncing racism attacks if you just look. Found this one in about 2 ...more

White House, Critics Wage Battle for Control of the Health Care Debate

Any political or business strategist knows that half the task in winning a contentious policy debate is controlling the terms of that debate. Since health care reform is arguably the most contentious domestic policy debate confronting Pres. Barack Obama, it's not surprising that the White House tried to make the most of yesterday's pledge by health care industry leaders to cut health care spending growth by 1.5% annually over the next ten years. ...more

Any group that chooses Rick Scott to be their spokesperson in any capacity relating to health ...more

Must they take back America? If they do, should we move to Canada?

With all this discussion of book banning, I thought I'd share a phrase or two I'd like to ban.  Well, not ban I guess, because I believe in free speech.  So how about a phrase or two I really wish people wouldn't use?  At the top of my list right now is "Take back America" or "Take back our country".  LET'S TAKE BACK AMERICA! YAAYYYY!!!!!  Let's not. ...more