Scarlett Johannson's Breasts

   On a routine visit to a new dermatologist, as mine had moved to NYC, I was referred to Dr....more

Becoming Mother

As I sit in our black Ford Escape. babies buckled into their car seats in the back. driving to Charlie's school. (obviously not while I write this, otherwise I would be the ultimate multitasker. Take THAT texting while driving, I'm blogging while driving, the next degree of automotive irresponsibility. MuwHa). Listening to Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo radio show and whatever top 40 pop tune they play that morning. I begin to wonder. When exactly did I turn into my mother?...more

Rhianna, Farrah & Me--Victims of Domestic Violence

Rhianna, Farrah and Me:: Breaking the Silence about Domestic AbuseBy Jamie Rose, actor, author of Shut Up & Dance! (Tarcher/Penguin)2-15-12 ...more
Thank you for writing this! It is so important for us to share our stories. It took me so long ...more