Green Poblano Rice

This rice takes some work to make but the end result is so wort it !Ingredients...more

Mexican rice


Mediterranean Brown Rice Pilaf

After too much cooking and indulgence for continuous two days yesterday night I planned for a humble meal a simple pilaf with dollops of fresh yoghurt and green salad, we both filled our plates with pilaf on top with drizzle of yoghurt and salad on side and enjoyed our favorite television shows after a long time. Momo was also quite for a change, as last two days he was busy meeting new friends and entertaining guests, we signed off to bed early with a hope that coming week will be less demanding though I could see exactly opposite of that. <...more

Tri-color rice


Creamy Vegetable Rice

I've managed to eliminate another packaged, processed item from my kitchen cupboards.  Sorry Uncle Ben, we're finished....more

Bottle gourd Pudding/Lauki ki kheer

Healthy and delicious Bottle gourd and milk pudding...more

Spanish Rice

In our house we love cilantro! I put cilantro on almost everything and it makes sense I put it in our rice and it gives this Spanish rice recipe an extra kick and unforgettable flavor you will love. This side dish is perfect for taco night, a simple side for any meal or if you add sausage, seafood or poultry it will make a fantastic entrée.  Make this rice recipe for dinner and throw a little fiesta in your house! Enjoy! ...more