Five Ideas with Rice & Beans for World Vegetarian Day

Every week I tempt you with a tasty-looking vegetarian dish for Meatless Monday, but when I realized that this week Monday was also World Vegetarian Day, I wanted to do something more. I started thinking about what foods represent vegetarian cooking and the answer was obvious, all over the world vegetarians eat various forms of rice and beans. So to properly celebrate World Vegetarian Day, here are five Meatless Monday recipe ideas featuring rice and beans. I bet at least one of them will be a hit at your house! ...more
Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie sounds great.   Susan, so glad you like the ideas.more

Skillet Rice Dinner ...more

Vegetable Biryani

Ingredients 2 cup Basmati Rice or long grain rice...more

Khichdi - Quick Indian Lentil Rice

In my previous post on Rice Pudding I highlighted a few facts from Asia about rice like an average Asian eats about 150 kilos of rice annually compared to an average European who consumes just 5 kilos. Check the post to read more such interesting facts. No matter what the facts say, it is true that Rice is a versatile ingredient. ...more

Making Rice: Becoming a Korean Woman

It’s a simple task but one that I feel I’ve never gotten quite right.The first time Mom graduated me from just cleaning the rice cooker to actually cooking rice meant that I’d grown up a little in her eyes. It was almost a solemn moment when she said she would teach me how to do it. I saw a little sadness in her eyes, maybe because of the passage of time that eluded her the few years leading up to this point. And a little anxiety, even. But, determination, too, after all, every Korean girl should know how to make rice with one hand tied behind their backs by the the time they’re ten....more
Thank you for the lovely story about you and your mom. In Europe too so many traditions are ...more

Mujaddara with Spiced Yoghurt

Mujaddara with Spiced Yoghurt ...more

Coconut Pilau - Vegan

Mildly sweetened basmati rice with nutty aroma acquired from simmering in fresh coconut milk  spiced with fragrant mint leaves is the perfect dish for any spicy curry or stew. The whole spices jazz up the coconut milk  and the golden yellow of the turmeric takes you to a tropical paradise. This makes a great accompaniment for barbeque parties and potlucks. Freshly made coconut milk and coconut oil is essential for this recipe. Use fresh or frozen grated coconut to make coconut milk. Try not to use canned coconut or dehydrated coconut powder that will compromise the taste....more

Pork Skewers with Herbed Rice and Bok Choy

I made this meal about a month ago, and haven't gotten around to posting it because I am not fond of the picture. I mean, it shows the meal just fine, but I'm a perfectionist and the shadows bug me! Does anyone else have that problem (or am I just a weirdo?)Anyways, the inspiration for this dish is from one of my favorite cookbooks, Marie Claire Seasonal Kitchen by Michele Cranston. This cookbook introduced me to seasonal cooking and it's been like my bible ever since. I love the simplicity of all the dishes and the photographs are truly amazing!...more


Today, my hubby and I went to Shishlix for lunch. Shishlix is a Persian restaurant that is 100% Halal, serves simple BBQ kebabs and some authentic Persian dishes. Our favourite dish from this restaurant is its Koobideh Kebab, which is basically two skewers of ground beef served with a mix of both white, long grain rice and golden, saffron flavoured rice....more

Fried rice

In just no time you can turn plain white rice into something so delicious, with just a few simple ingredients, offering a different texture and a nice blend of the different flavours, soaked up by the rice, while frying.This dish can easily prepared in advance and reheated in the microwave or oven.   ...more