Salvadoreño Fried Rice

From the kitchen wafts fresh aromas of caramelizing onions, toasting rice, and sweet bell peppers in browning butter: all slowly melding in a magical union, for a savory finished goodness....more
I would be so honored if you would one day post just one of your Persian family recipes. I am ...more

Arroz con calamares

Ingredientes1 1/2 Calamares 4 tazas de agua2 cucharaditas de sal1/2 onza de jamón de cocinar1 cebolla pequeña1 ají dulce1 pimiento verde pequeño1 tomate pequeñocilantrilloperejil2 ajos aceite de olivaaceitunas rellenas (a gusto)1/8 taza de salsa tomate o tomate frito 2 Taza de ArrozProcedimiento;Deberá lavarse bien antes de mezclarlo con los ingredientes, para sacar el exceso de almidón....more

Easy Gifts to Make

It's not too early to think about making gifts for Christmas. I always wait too long and then have to run around like crazy trying to get it finished and spending money I had not planned on. I like making my own gifts and I think the people I make for appreciate it.Fleece Scarfs...more

Brown Rice Medley with Lemon-Parsley Dijon Vinaigrette

Paul usually works a couple of evenings per month so on those nights I end up cooking for just me.  I usually find myself throwing dinner together on a whim.  Lately it’s been this avocado pasta or this cous cous salad but I found this brown rice medley at Trader Joe’s and it was calling my name....more

East meets West Arancini

Arancini is an Italian specialty, from Sicily to be precise, dating back to around the 10th century. The word Arancini actually means “little orange” as the traditional fried rice ball are very round and resemble small oranges. You will find many recipes online giving you the supposed original version but as any Italian family can attest, every Italian mother or grandmother has her own secret recipe....more

HOT! A Lesson on Life from Cooking with my Little Girl.

The other day my youngest daughter pulled up a chair to help me cook beans and rice.  I have to let her chop the onions and garlic with a butter knife and help me pick herbs from the garden.  We have fun!  All in all I am pleased that she wants to cook.  She even recently made a raw kale and strawberry salad for her brother.  ...more

Mexican Rice Bowl from Two Peas and Their Pod

If it's starting to get hot where you live, this Mexican Rice Bowl from Two Peas and Their Pod might be a perfect easy dinner. What makes this recipe special is that it starts out with Cilantro Lime Rice, and then Maria used the leftover rice to create this dish with black beans, tomato, avocado, red onions, and more cilantro added to the mix. Of course I'm a bit of a cilantro freak, so I'd love this for dinner! ...more

The only think better than yummy food is yummy food I don't have to make!

BlogHer ...more

Sausage & Peppers Mockery

Bouillabaisse, A Provincial French Seafood Stew

Quite a few years ago when we were traveling through France, we happened to spend a few hours in Marseille.  Unfortunately we spent our time in the train station in sweltering heat waiting for the TGV.This had been the last leg of our trip through the south of France, we had just spent a few day in Nice and had begun our way back with a stop in Aix en Provence.  What a perfect city, we had stayed on the Cours Mirabeau where as the guide books stated was the place to be while in Aix. That turned out to be a good thing and a bad thing.  As we walked to our hotel we were swept away by the beauty of the city, its little cafes and tree lined streets, its many fountains and of course the footsteps of Cezanne.......we were in love and in love with the city...sigh....more

Broiled Fish Parmesan (fish, lemon)

I was never a huge fan of fish while I was growing up.  The only time we had fish in our house was during lent and that always consisted of fish sticks and french fries with tons of tartar sauce and ketchup.  Not the healthiest meal, but it served its purpose at the time!...more