Chai Pani~ A Dream Incarnate.

If you had to reinvent yourself...if your family's future, and your personal joy, depended on a new career choice, what would you do? ...more

One Pot Rice with Salmon

Every now and then, the wild boar works during the night, which means he works 8-8 (pm-am) for a week. He usually arrives home at 9 am after work, and sleeps from about 10 am to 6 pm. I love this night shift system because I get the whole bed to myself (a good night's sleep). I hate it because I'm not allowed to do anything in the kitchen when he's sleeping (he's a light sleeper). So, I can't cook anything too elaborate and have to resort to simple dishes like this. Easy and oh-so DELICIOUS! ...more

Nasi Goreng


Explore the World -- Literally -- of Rice

Near my home is an international grocery with foods from across the world, an aisle for Mexico, an aisle each for India, China and Mexico, with half aisles for Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, western Europe, Africa, the Caribbean. It's a destination store of the best kind, a place where recent immigrants and foodies stumble over one another to stock up on ingredients otherwise difficult if not impossible to find. I love to ask a shopper whose cart is teetering with some foodstuff, knowing I'll hear a story about how much that something reminds her of home. ...more

I agree with Hapamama; freshly cooked rice is the taste of home to me. If I had to choose ...more

October Giveaway: Japanese Obento Set

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Painfree Crafting- Stretches, Yoga and A Training Schedule

In the next few months many of us will decide we have to "buckle down" and create all the presents and decorations that are on our imaginary -or sometimes not-so-imaginary- To Do List.  We have deadlines- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's Day.  And we cannot disappoint others by failing to create all the wonderful things that are swirling around our heads. ...more


I bet we all tend to begin a crafting project intrigued with the ...more

Pineapple Rice

Pineapple Rice This recipe for Pineapple Rice is one of my more versatile recipes. This dish is a lighter, fruity version of fried rice. I like to serve it with seafood and it goes well with the Sea Scallops recipe that I posted yesterday. ...more

An Eco-conundrum: Eating local in a drought

Eat local's the usual eco-foodie mantra, but that advice takes on a bittersweet edge when your state's in a drought. Sure, we can conserve at home -- but 80% of California's water goes to agriculture. ...more

Red Beans and Rice

 Something that is a major factor in my cooking and menu is cost.  I live on a budget and am always having to find new ways to feed my family.  In the grocery store, one of the cheapest meals you can find are those bags of dried beans and lentils.  My pantry always has these little bags.  One of those tiny bags will easily turn into one HUGE meal or several regular-sized meals.  Beans are also super super healthy for you…until that is you turn them into Beans and Rice My Way.  That’s okay, though.  It’s really tasty and that means a whole lot sometimes. ...more

help stop hunger from your computer !

    So, I was reading seventeen magazine the other day and I came across something AMAZING! ...more