Resolutions vs. Setting Goals - What's the Difference?

The quick answer to the question is:Resolutions and goals are seen as different but should be one and the same.Now that we have that out of the way, I also want to put it out there that I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. They make no sense to me. Why set a few resolutions once a year which many times are short-lived, instead of setting real goals and reviewing them often...hmmm...?...more
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Richard Branson Takes Us to New Depths with Virgin Oceanic

In one of my favorite movies (The Abyss), one of my favorite actors (Ed Harris = HAWT) goes to the bottom of the ocean and discovers intelligent life. Although the movie makes me gasp for air and desire a personal oxygen tank, I always watch it when it's on TV. The movie is just as powerful today as it was back in 1989. Sadly, we've never been able to truly explore the depths of the ocean. Until now. ...more

There Is No Better Time Than NOW To Take The Plunge…

Into an endless sea of opportunity! I have a few questions for you: Do you wake up Monday morning and wish it were Friday already? Do you feel unsatisfied with your current job and wish you had more flexibility? Are you tired of getting a paycheck for doing something you hate? Are you a stay-at-home mom who is antsy to finally do something for herself? Are you a professional who is looking to change career paths entirely? Are you burning out in the corporate world?<...more