Baby's First Bath

I think it is fair to say I was a nervous new mother. ...more

Part 5, dysfunctional families

Hey faithful readers! The contents of this post has been removed because of recently signing a contract with a publisher :) Thank you so much for the support everyone!!! Stay tuned for more details. <3-River Rei Hayden"The night is long that never finds the day." - Shakespeare...more

Top 10 rules of a toddler

In the world of toddlers and babies, there are strict rules and demands that must be abided by otherwise, screaming and insanity will ensue.1. Mommy is not allowed to go to the potty unaccompanied – actually, Mommy is not allowed to go to the potty at all.2. Mommy is not allowed to do dishes – “I WANT” the dirty plate in the dishwasher!3. Snacks and treats are to be enjoyed without limitation – unless it’s the baby enjoying some mama milk, that’s not allowed.4. Boots will always be worn.5. Clothes and diapers will not be worn....more

Naked with the dog

This date was courtesy of pof. After several attempts at scheduling a date because of dog sitting issues, we finally meet for dinner. He had just returned from a vacation with his dog. Just the 2 of them. Very cute, right? Or creepy, whatever. He seemed to be nice enough. While at dinner he explained how they had a lovely relaxing time (yes, him & the dog), he’s had to hire 3 dog sitters because the dog was bored of the first 2, satisfied with his job, and now looking to form the next phase of his life. I’m listening, answering his questions, engaging in conversation....more


Weddings. Why the hell do we have to plan them ourselves? What, am I a master at planning a big party where everyone will see me marry the love of my life & they expect to have good food after. Puhlease. I grew up waiting for my wedding day & now that I'm here planning it, it's nothing but stressful!...more

The Gift of Really Good Advice

We received some completely unsolicited and wholly appalling marital advice the other day that said a whole lot more about the advisor than the state of our marriage. The aforementioned appalling advice has instantly become a source of gaiety and ribaldry with the Chief Lou and myself, but it also has kind of left me wondering. Why, exactly, did our acquaintance (I emphasize acquaintance here, because he really doesn't know us at all other than to say hello. He consistently calls one of our children by the wrong name) feel the need to impart this bit of wisdom to us?...more