This date is courtesy of our beloved I am walking up to the door and am greeted by a random guy who knows my name. It’s the guy I am supposed to meet. He is waiting for me outside because he grossly misrepresented himself.  He used a picture of his cousin because he is insecure about his looks, apologizes, and would completely understand if I didn’t want to go through with the date. Ok, I would’ve been an asshole if I said “you look like a pug dog....more

Traumatic Typo

I realized it was my mother’s friend, I asked my colleague to give me a minute. My mind was still focused on Wednesday afternoon, one of my colleagues was leaning over my desk. We were both staring intently at my computer monitor, trying to figure out a problem we were having, when my cell phone rang. Distracted, I answered the phone.  ...more
@HomeRearedChef Oh yes.. Double and triple check your itinerary.. or in my case, for all future ...more