Would You Let Your 1st Grader Ride the Bus with High Schoolers?

School started this week in our little city. Having bought the new house last Spring, we had the joy of switching school districts. Our oldest son has been excited all summer about the new school for first grade, the new friends, and... the bus. I was also excited about the bus; he didn't ride last year and I envisioned so much more free time without the drop off and pick up and wait, wait, wait. That is, I was excited about the bus until I learned that the bus held Kindergarten through 12th grade. Uh, no thanks. ...more
My kids don't ride the bus now but did in first and second grade, with kids all the way through ...more

100 Words Replay 24

At the start, routine... swipe your card, find a seat, settle in, start reading. Just another morning commute. Then... it happens. Sleepiness. What is it that, no matter how enthralling your book, makes the words blur out of focus until they seem to be swimming on the page? What is it that, no matter how satisfying your rest the previous night, makes your head bob and loll as you fight to remain awake? ...more