What Now?!: When Life Comes Unhinged

That moment when you’ve been singing Rihanna’s “What Now” all day long like your life depends on it and you look to your right and remember that you just picked your kid up from school and she’s looking at you like ...more

The Other Double Standard: On Humor and Racism in Feminism

Last week, The Onion published a piece satirizing Chris Brown and Rihanna’s recent break-up. The “joke”: Brown still has “abusive feelings” for Rihanna and is devastated because he “always thought the 25-year-old singer was going to be the woman he’d beat to death one day.” Cue creepy details of his imagined methods of assaulting and murdering Rihanna. ...more
@WonnnderWoman Black people aren't stupid, WonnnderWoman. They know the old Southern Democrats ...more

Et Tu, Jeopardy?

The quiz show Jeopardy recently had as a clue:...more

Rihanna Teams Up With MAC Cosmetics

For the first time in the company's history, MAC has entered into a long term partnership with a celebrity....more

Surprise Date Night: Rihanna's Concert In Chicago

We were driving to the city for our date night and I had no idea where we were going. Hubby knows how much I love surprises, so many date nights are like this.Though I knew this date was different since I asked him earlier in the day whether I should wear heels. He advised against it. Hmmmm. That usually means I’ll be dancing....more

Rihanna as a role model? I think not!

Excited students from Barrington High School had an opportunity to meet pop-singer Rihanna when she stopped by their school.  The students won this visit – hours before Rihanna was to perform at the United Center – after winning a contest she sponsored inviting schools to make a video highlighting her song “Diamonds” and show their charitable work....more

Creating Rihanna's Grammys Red Carpet Look

Pop songstress and style icon Rihanna was arguably one of the best-dressed on the red carpet at this year’s Grammy Awards. She showed up rocking a long goddess-like red gown, and a complimentary beauty look that made heads turn. Instead of her edgy rocker cut, she sported long, wavy locks, paired with a bold red lip, red nails, and a sultry cat eye. ...more
She looks beautiful, but the dress would not work well on everyone. You need just the right shape.more

Hey Rihanna? You're Not Too Bad


Rihanna to Oprah: Her Post-Abuse Relationship With Chris Brown (Trigger Alert)

It seems like everyone has an opinion about it. Seeing those photos of Rihanna's bruised, swollen face at the hands of then-boyfriend Chris Brown struck a chord in many of us that continues to reverberate. It's no surprise, then, that three years later the events following Clive Davis's 2009 pre-Grammy bash still continue to surface in the pop culture conversation...On Oprah's Next Chapter, Rihanna opened up to Mama O, confessing, among other things, that she forgives Brown and loves him, although they're not dating at this time....more
For those of you capable of comprehending the depth of human misery as opposed to the ...more