Jewelry Galore

A few weeks ago I did a post about what my jewelry box would say if it could talk. I wrote about how I have a little jewelry but that I never wear it and yada, yada, yada. Well when my mom got here last week she brought a suit case full of my Grandma Rose's old jewelry. ...more
Pretty. It reminds me of my grandmother's old jewelry box.more

Make Easy Recycled Rings of Power!!

 Using the seal from a 1/2 gallon of milk, a piece of a cereal box and some pretties, we made ourselves a couple of power rings! ...more
@Karen Ballum Hi Karen!  Let me know if you come up with any other uses for those little sealers!more

My Wedding Rings

I’ve been married 14 years. Yep, a long time. And I still have the same rings from our wedding day. They are fancy or have big diamonds. Hell, they are in old school gold — not platinum.Do you ever really LOOK at your wedding rings? Not looking for dirt and stuff, but I mean really think about what they have been through with you?Obviously, the day you got married — full of promise and happiness.  First house and moving all that crap  ...more

'Count Your Blessings' Ring

No matter how hard I try, I can never make things are that slick and uniform in design. I love the crazy combinations of textures, sizes and themes. Imagine my delight when, on a recent trip to New York City, I found all kinds of over-the-top beaded, paper, and fabric cocktail rings for sale. They weren’t only in the trendy accessory boutiques, but also at the street vendors booths. I came home inspired to whip up my own version. Embrace individuality! No two rings will ever be alike and you can work in a color story, or mix and match like I did here....more
These are cool Kathy!!! more

DIY Painted Leather Rings

A dear friend of mine recently dropped of a huge box of leather scraps at my house. She knows I love scraps like nobody's business!...more

A Guide to the Different Styles of Rings

There are so many different ring styles available today, and the names of some of these rings might not be familiar to the average consumer. So here is a list of some of the more common ring styles to help you when you are looking for a particular type of ring. Posy/Posey Rings - are bands that have an inscription on the outside or inside of the diameter of the ring. Quite often they are romantic expressions, i.e....more

Unique Ideas for Personalizing Jewelry

BayaYou may own a piece of jewelry with only your name, initials or medical information engraved on it. There are other unique things that you can engrave when giving someone a very special piece of jewelery. When giving such a gift to someone, it shows that a great deal of thought went into it.When a couple gets married, many have the date of their marriage engraved on the inside of their wedding bands....more

Man-gagement Rings: Would You Buy One For Your Fiance?

If you like him, should you put a ring on it? ...more

Stoned, on La Pisette Gemstone Rings

 PYRITE RING. $105. Here at the Bling Blog, we have seen our share of “rock on a wire” rings. Nevertheless, I was rocked by La Pisette’s simple, yet so wonderful, gemstone rings. Concocted by designer Stacy Saunders, whose fascination with geodes began with her first rock collection at age 10, each ring is made to order, and no two stones are exactly alike. ...more