Let It Rip.

That faux suede jacket ...more

Stripes, Beach Waves, and Busted Knees.

There’s something about summer that makes me forget my denim collection. Maybe it’s the KC heat ‘n humidity, or maybe it’s that I missed my summer dresses + shorts so much over the winter I throw myself into a pretty strict legs-out policy come late May, but either way it’s been a minute since I’ve slipped on a pair of jeans....more

Ripped + Scuffed On Purpose.

Remember the panic you’d feel when a hole started wearing in the knee of your back-to-school jeans? One too many ill-advised jumps off the jungle gym or dumps of your 10-speed, and your new jeans were toast. “Mom’s going to kill me.”Now I find myself buying up pairs of jeans with the knees pre-busted and desert booties already scuffed. (And my mom doesn’t yell at me.) Loving the relaxed, too-cool-for-school feel they bring to an outfit. For a nice contrast, I matched the distressed pieces with a clean, classic striped tee from JCrew....more
Your closet looks amazing & HUGE! xoxmore

Ripped Denim + Lace.

I love a good fashion contrast. For example: ladylike lace and scuffed + ripped denim. An all-black base makes the look easier to pull off than a color combo, and really– what trumps black? I couldn’t resist adding a little sparkle in the form of my new statement necklace and a pair of bright red criss-cross pumps. Off to happy hour I go!...more