The Whiter the School District, the Higher the Risk?

As originally appeared in the December 29th, 2016, print edition of Diverse Issues in Higher Education.At-risk students....more

A motley crew of gangbangers

When they walked in the door, I was struck with how they could seem so small and yet so scary all at once.  They got off the van and swaggered in, all attitude and disaffected disdain, hoodies and hats pulled down low over their suspicious eyes.  They were everything the movies would portray a gang member to be: young. Black. Male. And allegedly mean.Suddenly my little power point presentation seemed so stupid.I thought, Oh, crap.  What did I get myself into?...more

Teaching High School Students...With Love

I gave my new students "the look," but they kept up with their behavior.  This is crazy.  In all my years of teaching, nothing works better to tame a wild class than "the look." It was brilliant because I never had to yell.  I could maintain a classroom with the threat of my silence.  I always had control.  Until now.  ...more
Beautifully written. What an illustration of the power of God's love as it poured out through ...more