The risks we take (and the ones we don't)

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Reality of Life

       In life, we often feel uncomfortable with our situation. This does not completely means that you are taking the wrong path, this is a crucial part of growing up. Some people ought not to take heavy challenges because of fear, but a person needs to step out of the comfort zone. This uncomfortableness is sometimes the disguised opportunity. The beautiful struggle in life can only be felt when you start taking risks. You will realize the value of your sacrifices from the past. The opportunities you never expected will gradually appear in your life....more

Benefits Far Outweigh Risks

Fruits and vegetables don't have to be organic to be healthy, but you do have to eat them to get their benefits!...more

Dare to Dream or Dare to Risk?

I have racked my brain all day trying to think of the one website or blog I wish I had come up with, and I have come to one answer: none.  I want to come up with my own, totally unique blog that attracts thousands, no millions of readers.  Oh well, I am a long way off from that dream.I will never reach that dream, however, if I don't try and avoid taking the necessary risks to make it come true.  Dreams and risks go hand in hand.  You dare to dream, and you dare to risk....more

Risks or Choices? You Deserve Happiness and Safety No Matter What!

I have a new blog up at  I struggled with this entry. I did not know if it might be too personal.  I decided to post it though. I am hoping that it might help someone going through similar situations....more

Mountain Climbing Dreams

The past weekend did several small hikes in Canmore and came across several rock climbers on our journey. My littlest looked on with envy. He is always dreaming of the day that he will be climbing the side of a mountain. ...more
 @motherofnine9 I bet there are many! I know my little one has been testing his limits at the ...more

Swimming with Alligators

Swimming with Alligators  ...more
@victorias_view Yes, you're right about taking risks! :) I honestly don't know if I would have ...more

The Plunge: Taking A Dive Into Life

I have never dived off a high dive, scuba dived, sky dived or ski raced.  I don’t like heights, and can’t imagine anything worse than freefalling through space.  Aside from never having a career as an astronaut or stunt woman, it hasn’t really impacted me that much.  That is, until I saw my children taking WAY more chances than I ever have or anticipate doing in my lifetime....more

To Vaccinate or Not: The Legal Requirements

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