Beyond Your Blog Podcast 004: Rita Arens - Deputy Editor, BlogHer

Originally Published on Beyond Your BlogBlogHer is one of those sites that so many bloggers have benefitted from, and visit on a daily basis.  I hear lots of questions from bloggers about how they can get involved and get the most out of BlogHer, so today we are focusing on posting, being featured, and being syndicated on BlogHer.  What are the differences and how can you make all three happen for your writing?...more
I loved this podcast.  Thanks Susan and Rita!more

The Own Your Beauty Panel: Changing the Conversation at BlogHer '11

Some panels at BlogHer conferences make you feel closer to people you barely know than you ever thought possible. This one did that for me. ...more

A Forbes list that I'd actually like to be on

During one of my daily writing procrastithons, I perused Forbes and found this: Forbes list of the World's Best Paid Authors. After looking at the list I decided that Tom Clancy probably doesn't stare at Twitter for three hours when he isn't up to writing just five. more. words. ...more

I'm behind on my reading but I just found this while putting together my new freelance ...more