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I just cannot escape this. ...more

Voyage as Rite of Passage: Why Abby Sunderland's Parents Were Right

Last week, the web was rocked with news that Abby Sunderland, the 16-year-old who was circumnavigating the world alone, had gone missing. Immediately, the response from parents the web over was to criticize her parents: "who would let their teen do such a crazy thing?" I would. My parents did. My question is, "who wouldn't?" ...more

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I can't really get a toehold onto your anthropological examples. All the societies ...more

Age-related Rites of Passage - Do They Exist Anymore?

It’s funny; when you are older, the fact that someone was two grades ahead of you in high school or is 10 years older, scarcely matters. In the teenage and even the college years, the difference of a few grade levels could make you grumble with anger when, say, you have to let your younger sister hang out with you and your friends.I The same separation of a few years could make you froth with anticipation when, say, an upperclassman notices you. ...more

Not being carded when you so wanted to be...that's no fun.  I'm not a drinker, ...more

Good Intentions, Bad Word Choices: Conversations on Women's Bodies

I love my dad, but sometimes he puts his foot in his mouth. This morning he told me about a conversation he had with my mother, who recently turned 52: MOM: I got my period again today – I thought I was through with this. DAD: Well that’s okay – that just means you’re still all woman. MOM: (with a raised eyebrow) So when it does stop, I won’t be a woman? ...more

That post made me laugh - I've seen this happen to sooo many time to sooo many couples. ...more