10 Steps to Reawaken Your Sensual Self

 To truly connect with another on an intimate, heart connected, soul entwined level, you must first commit to exploring you. Owning and honouring your Divine self and all of who you are means starting with yourself, by yourself. For some it is easier to start on the outside with the body and work in towards the heart and mind, soul and spirit. These 10 steps can provide an ideal place for you to dive into this journey....more

Magickal Workings At Night

At night, no one bothers me. I’m in my zone, so focused that I hear no one. As others wind down after their day, my energy spikes and I’m good for hours. I spend time with my herbs, creating medicines, ritual oils and incenses. I write in my blog, organize my work area, or study. I love the time to myself. And I really think I do my best work at night....more

“Hi, Mom! Did you have a nice day?”

Many of you may know that DC is obsessed with food. He has breakfast and he is already worried about lunch. After lunch we move on to:“Dinner is later after that” – he always seems to add “after that” when he talks about “later”....more

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 19: Drinking Tea - part 2, a ritual

Yesterday, I wrote about how I love tea and how I was introduced to it. Today is all about rituals. My tea rituals....more

This Too Shall Pass: Fall Mud, Autumn Feelings

I've been thinking a lot about time. I suppose fall does that to me. With all the leaves falling and the ground decaying under my feet. It's Mother Nature's most in-your-face reminder that time marches on, things change, release, fall away. And I suppose I feel like being grounded too....more
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Welcome, Autumn

Whether we add them to our calendar, make intentional plans and preparations, or keep them tucked away as subconscious thoughts, we all have our own traditions and rituals which we observe to recognize and celebrate the changing of seasons. ...more

Pagan Blog Project - "B" for "Bath"


LLYOV: Morning Rituals, A way to bring home your vacation

Morning Rituals: A Way To Bring Your Adventures Home OR Bring Your Home On Adventures:I woke up this morning in Rhishikesh, India....more

Full moon women's circle

“A ritual serves as a bridge to carry purposeful, symbolic meaning to the personal or collective conscious and subconscious mind. When consciously created and enacted, ritual can be transforming; linking the past, present, and future into a continuum that can be observed, felt, and learned from.” – Ruth Barrett...more