Water...Where It Begins

Photography 101:  WaterThis is the start of the river where we push off with our kayaks.  Kayaking is one of my favorite things in the summer for relaxation AND exercise-all wrapped into one.  I was inspired to try B&W by @DebraB thank you!...more

Tales of the rain (acacia) trees

The river at the side where the house of “Nang” (a Filipino term for female elder) Estela Pangca and the power cable of the Cagayan Electric Co. (Cepalco) are situated now in my hometown of Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental in northern Mindanao, Philippines used to be occupied by acacia trees (rain trees) many years ago....more


One super-large-humongous reason we are on the lookout for an RV, is because we like to take road trips. We love going different places and seeing what sorts of adventures we can find. These road trips have often come about unexpectedly, meaning we simply decide to go somewhere. There are occasions when we do plan or decide to go to a nearby park/forest, but the most fun is when we just pack up the car and hit the road - no destination in mind - no planning - just an awareness that adventure will be found and fun will be ours!...more

Perfect Timing

The PS Washington Irving

Magnolia, Contemporary, Glistening....more

Russian Lessons: the Dacha

For years, I have wanted my very own dacha. Maybe there’s something about dying empires that stirs longing. In September of 1991, I boarded a train to Moscow for a semester of study abroad, during what was to be the Soviet Union’s final autumn....more

One Week + Two Houseboats + 17 people = AH - MAZING!

Click here for a look at my links to my photos, comprehensive packing list, personal packing list & menu plan. ...more

My husband wants to try this, but we had no idea where we could rent a houseboat in the middle ...more

Synchronicity: Sully and Obama