Street Style: RNC Day 3: The Day That Condi Built

Day 3 at the Republican Convention was all about comebacks -– from the rain to former Secretary of State (and perhaps the most stylish Republican woman ever) Condoleezza Rice. However, style didn’t need a comeback, because its been present since day 1. ...more

RNC Day 3: Taking Care of Business

With vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice set to speak to the convention in the evening, day 3 at the Republican National Convention was all about taking care of business. ...more
That cheese hat is the coup de grâce -- Republicans couldn't muster up a sense of style if their ...more

RNC Day 2: The Sun Comes Out, and So Does the Style

Day 2 of the Republican National Convention brought the sun (and crazy, crazy humidity) to Tampa. While the color blue dominated fashion yesterday (maybe the rain gave everyone the blues?), today was all about bright, fabulous colors like kelly green, orange, and, yes, red. ...more

RNC Day 2: Down to Business

Tuesday launched the official first day of the convention, with delegates arriving and being seated at the Tampa Bay Forum. The improvement in weather -- it was finally sunny -- brought out party supporters and protesters. ...more