OMG! The Hockey Mom's Teenager is Pregnant! Who Writes this Stuff?

So they are telling us McCain was aware before he selected her that the new VP nominee's 17yr old daughter, a high school student, is 5 mos. pregnant.. C'mon, this gets better and better. I love the drama of this reality broadcast that is the Republican National Convention. Nobody could write this script better.  Is the line McCain is drawing in the preverbial sand simply an "UNdo List" of Republican gaffs.       ...more

I can't wait to hear the explanation of how this represents good family values. Hang up the ...more

The High-Risk, High-Reward Conventions

All you hear about modern political conventions these days is that they're designed to be more predictable than meatloaf on Thursdays. And yet, this year, everyone seems to be trying their darnedest to throw them into suspense. ...more

Canceling prime-time speeches and instead turning the entire convention into a service project ...more

Carly Fiorina at the DNC

Well, America, in case you've forgotten, there's a whole 'nother party out there vying for your attention, and while this Democratic National Convention might look very promising with its pastel backgrounds and its Edward Kennedy tributes that will eventually make everyone think he's already dead, John McCain is just waiting in the shadows for his turn. That's part of the reason that senior McCain adviser Carly Fiorina is holding court in Denver (the other part is that she, like so many of us, just like to sit back and watch the insanity from the bleacher seats). ...more

The sheer amount of eyerolling this type of nonsense instills in me has given me a headache. ...more

Political Conventions and Local Businesses: Not A Love Fest

When the RNC pitched local event planners about the opportunities that would abound during the Republican Convention in St.Paul, Kristi Gray Shepherd was optimistic. ...more

Wilshire & Washington: Convention Buzz!

Heading Right’s Media Lizzy joins the W&W hosts to talk convention buzz. Will the Democrats hurt themselves with pomp and circumstance? Will the Republicans flop? To listen, visit and click the play button on the blue Blog Talk Radio box on the right. ...more