Random rant I wished I'd missed...

The parking lot at the health club was ridiculously crowded, but just as I entered the lot, I noticed a car with backup lights and positioned myself to wait for the prime space. Being courteous, I didn't hover as that would block other traffic from flowing, but I clearly was waiting for that one spot. Just as the car backed up and exited, a woman in another vehicle sped around the corner and pulled into it....more
Very true; she was the bigger person that day. :)more

Confessions of a naughty driver

I made a daddy boo boo earlier today and it is one that I am a little ashamed and embarrassed about. It was not my finest hour and it was made worse by the fact that I giggled like a child afterwards. The incident in question was a moment of minor road rage, the problem was that I had my 3 year old daughter Violet in the car. My road rage weapon of choice was bad language and the expletive that rolled from my naughty mouth rhymed with heinous, well almost! Do you know what it is yet (said is an aussie accent)....more

To The Girl Who Made Me Cry.

To say I never cry would not be entirely true. I do cry. Quite more than I care to admit, see. But I never cry in front of others. Ever. I lock myself in bathrooms, wait 'til everyone's asleep, bite my lip and think of hundreds of scenarios other people are going through that are thousands of times worse than whatever it is that's making me want to spill over. Recently it's been getting harder and harder to keep a stiff upper lip, I don't know, maybe it's something that comes with age, you get more sensitive and more things get to me. Who knows?...more
I quite enjoyed your rant and your style! I love how you put this in perspective for yourself.  ...more

Get Out Of My Way!

This post could have be pared down to this: Title: "Slow Left-Lane Drivers Suck Ass." Text: "Word."...more
You may just be my driving soul mate. I have road rage like no other, mostly from being born and ...more

Guest Post: Road Rage

This is a guest post written by a friend.  I am honored to provide a forum for her story.  Jerri ...more
 @Kraken It is, but she's completely fine.  Scary stuff!!more


(Originally posted Nov. 6 over here)Today on my way to church, as I was turning left on a left arrow (as in, no one else should’ve been coming at me from the opposite lanes), someone across from me turned right without even slowing down for her TOTALLY red light. I was fortunate enough that I saw she wasn’t slowing, so I entered the intersection cautiously and gave her a little honk to let her know she had pissed me off (not to mention broken the law and stuff)....more
If it makes you feel better I once gave the finger to a police officer in a ghost car. He was ...more

Road Rage

My daughter and her friends think I have road rage.  I don’t have road rage; it’s just that I frequently disagree with how others handle themselves on the road....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

I’m So Proud of the Things My Husband Teaches My Son!

My son is 9 now and if I had started blogging way back in 2000 when he was born, I would have had a great diary of memorable stories about him. I tried to keep a diary when he was younger so that I wouldn’t forget….but then I lost the diary. I’m sure it’s buried at the bottom of  the closet in my office here at home…but that’s a post all on it’s own. ...more

Thankful Cars Don't Come With Secret Microphones

My daughter, on the verge of becoming a teenager tends to complain. A lot. In fact, often it seems she only sees the negative in everything, especially as to how everything seems to impact her. Being the ever intolerant mother of the constant whining, I set up a rule. It was simple. She was only allowed to complain about three things in a day. ...more

I discovered that I learned cursewords from riding around in the car with my dad, when I ...more

Gun Pulled on Mom with Children in Summer Camp Car Line

When my children were younger and needed to be picked up after school or from summer camp, parents got maps with directional arrows and written instructions. The unspoken message was clear: Don't start no mess in car line, won't be no mess in car line. That's not what happened earlier this week in New Orleans, La., at the Treme Community Center. Parents in car line and the children waiting for them witnessed an off-duty New Orleans police officer gone mad. ...more

I think that most everyone needs therapy, which is similar to your site title.  In fact, I ...more