US Route 6: A Travel Writer’s Dream

As with most travelers, my cross-country road trip began with a Google search.  As a freelance travel writer with a new empty nest, I was getting antsy to take an extended road trip - one that I’d daydreamed about since purchasing my first “Let’s Go USA” in high school. ...more
Hi,This sound great. I've also wanted to do a USA road trip since I was in school and my sons 23 ...more

Four Fun Family Road Trips

Summer is here and if the idea of visiting another amusement park or sitting on a beach doesn't motivate you to make vacation plans, consider a good, old-fashioned road trip. With the open road in front of you and time built into your itinerary to explore some small-town attractions along the way, your family can truly experience America and its history before they realize they've learned something. ...more
Great trip ideas! I've never heard of the world's largest treehouse in TN before, but my kids ...more

Surviving the Family Road Trip

Memorial Day weekend – the unofficial start to summer and the inaugural family road trip.  We’ve done a number of road trips, ranging from a day’s outing to a long weekend to the multi-day on the road variety.  The longest so far has been our trip from Maryland to the Georgia coast – roughly 1700 miles in just over 2 weeks.  See – living proof that one can survive a family road trip....more

Wilderness First Responder

Great Tao-flowing experience figuring out whether or not to get certified as a Wilderness First Responder now or later.  I love when the univserse arranges itself so smoothly in front of me. :)   Check it out:

Postcards From The Road - Ellensburg

Everything looked pretty much the same today. All day. From Twin Falls through northeastern Oregon, and into Washington. Thank the Great Whobody for shiny new magazines to keep me sane, and for Rick, who loves to drive, no matter what or where.  ...more

Postcards From The Road - Moab

 Day one of our trip to Seattle was the long drive from Taos, NM to Moab, UT. We're happy to be on the road again, and it was a good day. Our first stop was Durango, CO for lunch by the river. ...more

The Odyssey

Yes, I have one.  Many do.  But, I have friends who actually act surprised when I mention him.  “Oh, you have a brother?  Why do I not know this?”We aren’t that close.  We were close growing up being only two or so years apart, but drifted after leaving home and stayed that way for a small handful of silly reasons and a dash of laziness and complacency on both our parts.  Put it this way, when we were suddenly thrust into the same car to drive to Tennessee for our Aunt’s funeral, I had to Mapquest directions to his house....more

spring is like...

One of my favorite poets is e.e....more

Things we have found helpful in packing for a road trip.

We know that we will not be able to afford air travel for the immediate and indefinite future, so we invested with the help of grandparents, in items for our car to make road trips fun and doable for our family. The expense of our one time purchases that we use over and over again is still less than it would be for our family to take one plane trip....more

NaBloPoMo Day 8

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