Ep 7: Ragnar Chicago Recap *finger snaps*

How was Ragnar??? Check it out here! http://outsidemyhead.com/ep-7-ragnar-chicago-recap-finger-snaps/ Kimberly writes at Outside My Head and That's My Answer. She's currently training to run her second marathon....more

San Francisco Recipe: Parmesan, Cauliflower and Parsley Salad

Gourmet Live and BlogHer have joined forces to take you on a culinary road trip. We're making monthly stops across the country to bring you insider tips from local bloggers about the can't-miss restaurants and the local food scene. Explore the destinations that define each city's cuisine with Gourmet Live and BlogHer as your guides -- and get a San Francisco recipe from Gourmet.com now. ...more

The 7 year itch. Is there one and do you scratch it?

You know that proverbial "7 year itch". The one where everyone says that things in your marriage get stagnant and around this particular time often we find ourselves asking, what if? Was there someone better suited for me out there? Did I settle in my life for something that I mistakenly thought I wanted? You get stuck in the same old rut of being comfortable just like an old sweatshirt that you never throw away because it's warm, cozy and always there for you....more

To My Son On Our College Road Trip: Thank You!

We, like thousands of other hopefuls, spent spring break on a college tour. We left sunny Californian to travel up and down the east coast. We started in Boston where the temperature was a lofty 38 degrees. Drove to New Hampshire where the temperature dropped to 30 degrees (this does not include wind chill) and then headed down through Connecticut, New York, and finally Pennsylvania where the blinding rain convinced him UPenn was not an option. ...more

Thanks for the kind words. If it gets tough, you're welcome to contact me. Would enjoy ...more

Road Trip.


Road Trip

The All-Electric Road Trip: Is It Possible?

In the course of a year, we find ourselves buzzing down the stretch of highway that leads from Seattle to central Oregon maybe a dozen times, give or take a trip or two. With the assistance of things like Yelp and Urban Spoon, we've learned where to get the best sandwich, where you can get a huge slab of cake with your coffee and where to ask for Korean food instead of reading the menu that the diner waitresses give you. We make this trip in our fairly fuel-efficient car, a Pontiac Vibe that we bought a few years ago. ...more

Tips to Help You Save Money on Spring Road Trips

Gas prices are creeping up again as we head toward spring break. Here are some tips to help you save some money below under four categories — Engine Warm-Up, How to Buy Gasoline, How to Drive Economically, and General Advice — are some effective methods for saving money at the fuel pump — and overall wear and tear on your car.   ...more