Traveling Up and Down the East Coast

Being a nomad by plane, train, and on foot is one thing, but sometimes the best way to be a nomad is by car; a classic road trip.We have lived in Florida for eight years and before that we were in Connecticut.  Over the years we made many road trips along the east coast to and from Connecticut to visit our family and friends.  If you ever find yourself traveling the east coast here are some must see stops along the way.  We will start from Florida and make our way up to Connecticut....more
We go for a month in florida every year, driving from NYC. Over the years have stopped at many ...more

4 Tips For Making Long Car Trips With Toddlers More...Tolerable

Listen, this post is not going to send you looking for one of those grocery getters with a third row of seats just so you can cram in a few more ankle biters on your family trip to Super Dandy Wilderness Resort.  It will, however, give you a few tips to slightly ease your road trip pain without using Benadryl, ear plugs or idle threats....more

Nothing better to do...

…than to be up and not sleeping. It is amazing how every sound, sometimes, can keep you from falling back to sleep.Them when you think you are falling back to sleep, every thought known to mankind decides to march through your head.A question I always ask myself is why does this happen when I am off the next day? **sigh** ...more

Get Ready for Family Travel this Holiday Season

Are you planning for holiday travel in the coming month?  It's definately the time to visit family & friends which means lots of time in the car.To keep the kids happy & entertained, we've pulled together a list of more than 50+ car games & activities plus some sage advice from parents who travel all the time!...more

Road Trips Are Where the Memories Are Made

There are things that people tell you when they find out you are expecting a baby. Then there are things people SHOULD tell you when you are expecting a baby. They tell you, "Sleep now while you can!" but they SHOULD tell you, "Sleep now because you will NEVER EVER sleep again!" People tell you, "Say goodbye to being able to do whatever you want whenever you want!" They SHOULD tell you, "Hey! You can go on vacation all you want, but you better make sure your destination is within a six-hour radius." ...more
I love road trips!!!!! :)more

It's the Road Trip Destination, Okay?

It's true that family road trips can be fun and happy times, but there are those challenging stretches of highway. Here are some tips for helping you get there. ...more
I love love love to drive.more

Five Tips For Planning a Family Road Trip on a Budget

March in our house means one thing: spring break! Okay, make that two things: spring break and road trip! ...more

Road Trip Wish List: A Mazda CX-9

This post is sponsored by Mazda CX-9 and BlogHer. Last weekend when we drove from Los Angeles to Big Bear Mountain for our first ski/snowboarding adventure, I found myself wishing we had a much bigger car so the kids didn’t even have to sit next to each other. And looking at the specs of the Mazda CX-9, I realize that as we start planning more road trips in our near future, a car that fits our growing family might be the difference between vacation hell and vacation bliss. ...more

Tips For Enjoying a Road Trip With Little Kids

Last year our family of four drove from Washington State to California, and this summer we're considering road tripping all the way to Chicago. If you're brave foolhardy like us, here are some ideas to make road trips a low-key and enjoyable experience: ...more
Cute - couldn't resist the photo's of the babies! I totally agree with many of your suggestions, ...more

Things to Avoid While Road Tripping With Kids

We are a reluctant group of road warriors. With family spaced out up to 10-12 hours in 3 different directions, we spend a lot of time making road trips to get in some quality time with them because we don't have a small fortune to invest in (or an extra child we can put on eBay to fund) plane tickets. And also because you can force me to drive 12 hours with 2 kids (4 and 2) any day before you will ever get me to agree to trap myself in an airport and on a plane with them. ...more
Avoiding the truck stop diner is a great tip, and I never thought of bringing instant coffee ...more