Roadtrippin' Sanity Savers!

Tell me, parents, what is one of the MOST ANNOYING questions our kids can ask us? No, not "Why can't I date this crackhead?" or "Why CAN'T I wear these shoes? What do you mean with those on I belong on a pole? WHAT pole?" Not that. Fortunately, we're not quite there yet.We're still in the moderately-annoying stage....the "CAN I HAVE A SNACK?" and "ARE WE THERE YET? I'M HUNGRY!" stage.Ugh. ...more


WHY BLONDIES MAKE THE PERFECT TREAT FOR THE ROADWith all the time spent in the car, we are always looking for something guilt free to snack on. I’m also kind of picky about what foods are allowed in my car....more

Mission Log: Seeing Shuttle Discovery at the Udvar-Hazy Center

Photos in this post are from Can't I Just Orbit? There are a lot of places around the country I love for various reasons. I love Pittsburgh for its food and fantastic city culture....more

Roadtrip Rookies: Before you hit the road...

Image: Can't I Just Orbit?...more

Trip Tip: Cool Ways to Pack a Cooler

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Pit Stop: Delightful Day Trips

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Mission Log Flashback: Chicago IL, 2008

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To infinity, and the road. Er, beyond.

If you want to get to know somebody, you spend time with them. If you really want to get to know somebody, spend six hours trapped in a car with them. And if you really, really want all the gory details, spend twelve.That’s my personal philosophy on travel. (And maybe on people, too, but this is a travel blog.) It all started for me six years ago, when my at-the-time-boyfriend-now-husband and I decided to take off for the weekend and visit a friend in Chicago. Twelve hours away by car. In the middle of winter. What could possibly go wrong?...more

Looking To Renew Your Love? Try A Road Trip!

Every woman has longed for romance, or transformation, or let’s be honest – both. It’s there needling us in our twenties as we embark on careers and long for permanence, success, and a place in the world. It hits us again like a sledgehammer in our forties and fifties. That’s when we ask ourselves, “Surely I’m not meant to continue plodding along this same track for the rest of my life?” ...more
MY husband and I recently took a road trip from Albuquerque to Atlanta and then down to Florida ...more