Beef Wellington with Prosciutto

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Eye of Round Premium Roast Beef

Welcome Fall.It's been raining in Vancouver….finally? We've had beautiful weather until now, but the rain started.And I thought it was time to turn on the oven and prepare fragrant, comforting meals. I decided on roast beef. But, it's been so long since I last made a beef roast…I wasn't sure what to do. What type of beef cut to purchase, how to dress it, how long to cook it, etc.It turns out the grocery store just had the one cut of beef (eye of round). (And I didn't feel like a special trip to the butcher's)....more

Honey mustard roasted pork belly

 I know the thought of eating the fattest part of pork freaks some people out. I'm not sure why, I guess some are afraid of getting fat or just don't like the idea of eating it. It seems a bit strange when you think of the huge popularity of bacon, which comes from the same area of the pig and is just as fat....more

Prime Rib

My mother and I have gotten into a cute routine on my days off; my son and I go to her house where we make dinner for my dad and Mike.  We made this prime rib and it was incredible.  Now, prime rib is expensive but this method would work great with my Perfect Roast Beef recipe (follow the cooking times there for a different cut of meat).  As always, letting the meat rest is crucial to a juicy roast.  I should point out that this would be a great recipe...more

Perfect Roast Beef

This is the perfect time of year to prepare and serve a roast beef.  This is easy and it’s something that’s sure to impress.  This recipe is more about technique then an actual recipe.  Follow these guidelines and you’ll be fine, I promise. ...more

Turkey breast roast stuffed w/ pancetta spinach frittata - Thanksgiving recipe for kids

Thanksgiving is coming and I would like to share with you a more traditional recipe for the Turkey lovers: I stuffed a nice turkey breast with some pancetta, spinach and a frittata and than roasted everything in the oven...yummy!!...more

Turn One Chicken into Two Roasts: A Lesson In Deboning

Many generations of cooks have tried to solve the roast chicken dilemma. The flavor of that bronzed bird can't be beat, but the texture leaves much to be desired. Either the legs are bloody and chewy or the breast is tough and dry. ...more
Fantastic! The knife must be very sharp in order to do this effectively. This is a great video, ...more

Easy Roast Beef Wrap

Make this recipe for a camping trip with your friends or just a quick lunch with leftover steak or brisket in your fridge.INGREDIENTS...more