Crock Pot Beef Roast with Garlic and Horseradish

 CROCK POT BEEF ROAST WITH GARLIC AND HORSERADISHMeat and PoultryDo you love your crock pot?...more

Garlicky Crockpot Roast Beef Sandwiches

Garlicky crockpot roast beef sandwiches await in your slowcooker – just pair with some tots and a salad and supper is done! Get it here!...more

Slow Cooker Roast Beef with Gravy from The Home Cooked Gourmet

Slow Cooker Roast Beef with Gravy 10-12 servings  This main dish is so, so easy and an efficient option for making a roast if you were going to be gone all day. It only takes a few ingredients, but is tender and has a lot of flavor. ...more

Roast Beef and Goat Cheese Sandwich with Pesto

These sandwiches came almost out of necessity. I offered to bring sandwiches for our ski day, and asked my dad and brother what they liked. I couldn't get a straight answer out of them, so I fudged with whatever sounded good. As I was wandering around the store, I spotted some sliced roast beef with slices of Havarti next to each other in the deli case. I quickly picked some up, then made my way to the lettuce section to pick out some greens. A container of red pepper pesto caught my eye and stealthily made its way into my shopping basket. Same thing happened with a round of goat cheese....more

Sunday Dinner: Cast iron roast beef

There is something special about Sunday dinner. For several reasons. ...more

Protein & Iron Supplement

Talk to any athletes about nutrition and the topic inevitably turns to protein. Are you getting enough? I don’t see you eating meat. Which brand of protein supplement you use? You don’t? Hurry! Someone get this girl a protein shake! As luck would have it, I have a strong aversion to powdery food. I am suspicious of what’s lurking inside the tub of powder besides what the label claims. As someone who regularly works with vanilla bean, dark chocolate slabs, and fresh juicy strawberries, the artificial flavours often added to protein supplement are very unappetizing to me....more

Mustard Greens, Roasted Red Potatoes, Carrots and Roast Beef

Have you ever tried mustard greens? I grew up in Southern Californina, however I moved to North Carolina over twenty years ago. Even though I am still a Southern California girl at heart I have embraced the southeast, but I had never tasted mustard greens....more
Mustard greens are also great with marinara sauce or sautéed with olive oil, garlic and topped ...more

Dinner on the Go