Roasted Chicken

This recipe promises a delicious and juicy roasted chicken every time., it's interchangeable with turkey; this is actually the recipe that I make for the Thanksgiving Turkey! The key to roasting any meat, especially poultry is after removing it from the oven you have to wrap it tightly in tinfoil and let it rest for 20 minutes; no more no less.  ...more

French Rustic Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

  In keeping with the pantry challenge of not going shopping and using what I have on hand, I created the French Rustic Roasted Chicken & Potatoes recipe.  In my freezer was a free range chicken that I had delivered from Burgundy Farms in Fort Worth.  They deliver grass fed beef and free range chickens without hormones.  Read all about it and get the recipe.  ...more

Sunday Night Dinner

We had a wonderful weekend and finished it off with a nice dinner....more

There absolutely is!!! more

Adventures In Babysitting, With A Side Of Garlic

I have a newfound appreciation for parenting. As an unattached 26-year-old, I've I had very little experience with motherhood (aside from my three fish and hamster, which, sadly, died on my watch) until last night, when I discovered the chaotic, exhausting, 24-hour, unexpected (although I'm sure very rewarding) balancing act that comes along with the title. ...more