Cumin and Paprika Roasted Red Potatoes

Ok here it is! Part 3 of the Comfort Food Series and these Roasted Red potatoes made the cut!  I can eat these like popcorn–with a huge serving of ketchup on the side....more

Crackling Prosciutto-Wrapped Potatoes: Perfect for a Party -AROMA CUCINA

Crackling Prosciutto-Wrapped Potatoes: Perfect for a Party -AROMA CUCINA 'tis the holiday season. So, what's fast, easy to transport, and deliciously satisfying? Here ya go! ...more

French Rustic Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

  In keeping with the pantry challenge of not going shopping and using what I have on hand, I created the French Rustic Roasted Chicken & Potatoes recipe.  In my freezer was a free range chicken that I had delivered from Burgundy Farms in Fort Worth.  They deliver grass fed beef and free range chickens without hormones.  Read all about it and get the recipe.  ...more

A Month of Side Dishes: Perfect Roasted Potatoes

One of my favorite things was the roasted, French fry-like potatoes.They were so pretty and golden, but they weren't greasy or heavy. I didn't feel like I was consuming a cup of oil as I often did when I ate French fries, nor did they taste like normal roasted potatoes. They obviously had a few herbs scattered over them, but there was something else too. ...more

I'm going to try this tonight with baked chicken for dinner. Hopefully the bag version will make ...more

Garlicky Dill Potatoes

Sometimes you have to work on the weekends…and it sucks. On these days, I have little to no time or energy to cook dinner or to do anything else besides bitch and moan about working too much....more

Yummy. I'm hungry.

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