We behave how we feel

We behave how we feelNovember 23, 2013by Veronica ValliLeave a reply...more

My 'come-to-Jesus' moment about Rob Ford

I don’t think I need to tell you who Rob Ford is.  I think at this point, if you have an internet connection and live in the developed world, you know who he is.  Jay Leno knows who he is.  David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Howard Stern… they ALL know who Rob Ford is.  Two Saturdays ago, I went to a Dixie Chicks concert in Hamilton where they dedicated their song ‘Sin Wagon’ to Rob Ford.  Even country singers from Texas know who he is and what he’s done....more

Super Tuesday Follow Up

If a picture says a thousand words, a video must say at least a million. Yesterday, I blogged about Super Tuesday and mentioned the recent admission of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Ford, after months of denial, admitted to smoking crack. Jimmy Kimmel has put together some signs for communities to use if they fear that their Mayor has succombed to crack cocaine.Enjoy! ...more

Happy Super Tuesday!

If you're a politics watcher like I am, you had more than your fill of must see TV. I raced home to tune into (you guessed it) the elect returns and hear the political commentary that accompanies them.New Jersey was no surprise. Chris Christie had such a strong hold on that election that the Democrats did not show up (much to the dismay of the Democratic candidate, Barbara Buono). Buono had some choice words to say to her party during her speech....more

Rob Ford Is Out – For Now

I was up late last night, unable to sleep, so when I pried my eyes open this morning to blearily look at my phone, I was not expecting to see what I did. Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford, was ousted from office today in an historical judgement that has all of Canada talking. It’s historic because these judgements aren’t handed down often....more
@Darcie I agree! I hope she does, too!more