About Forgiveness

He sought me out. He wanted my forgiveness. Wanted to talk to me… to see in my eyes that forgiveness was even possible. Fourteen years prior, he shot my father twice and killed him. I was two. And in an instant, fatherless. ...more

An unforgettable reminder that forgiveness is absolutely the greatest gift you can give ...more

What ifs

I am new to BlogHer and relatively new to blogging so if I've erred in adding this post from my blog here, I apologize in advance for my unintentional mistake. I am just trying to find my way, and if I did err, I figure that someone can (I trust gently) point me in the right direction @seekingmyquerencia@gmail.com. Blessings.  Now, let's get back to that post....more

Kristy, I just read your comments and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you. As to your ...more