Have Some Banana Bread, Robert Pattinson

A friend asked me recently why emotional stress has such a strong effect on one’s physical well-being. Break ups tend to bring on intense stomach pains and dramatic weight loss. Many therapists would argue that any emotional distress has a profound impact on one’s personal well-being. How well you sleep, perform at work, socialize, exercise etc are all intimately tied to your emotional health....more

My Comic Con Twilight-Breaking Dawn Experience

My Comic Con Twilight - Breaking Dawn experience today: from the 12 hour wait in line, the 7 minute movie treat to the joy of both the exhaustion and exhiliration of it all.http://guamgoddessintraining.blogspot.com/2012/07/comic-con-2012twilight-breaking-dawn.html...more

Day 17, Twilight Musings...

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Electric Boogaloo The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Connecting with another "Twilighter" at Starbucks, random, unexpected and nice! http://guamgoddessintraining.blogspot.com/2011/11/twilight-breaking-dawn-part-1-electric.html...more

Banned Books Week: Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight"

When Stephenie Meyer launched on to the book scene in 2005 no one could have guessed that she'd be launching one of the most successful series of the decade. Not only that, but with Twilight she turned all that we thought we knew about vampires upside down. Suddenly vampires could go out in the sunlight, they just didn't because it made them *sparkle*. ...more
@eclark730 Exactly. My non-reading young teenager picked up the first three books in this series ...more

Dear Robert Pattinson: Guess What? I *Am* A Little Nerd, And Proud

Robert Pattinson, speaking to Hollywood Insider: "there are so many little nerds behind their computers, on their little blogs." ...more

I've never been an RPATZ fan of any kind. I don't find him swooningly attractive and I think his ...more

When Twihards Name Babies: Who's a Cute Little Cullen?

Nothing says "I love you" to a new baby than a name that suggests the undead. After all, what could be more admirable than the ability to drain another person's blood with your razor-sharp teeth? If you're not really into vampires, you can always go to werewolf route and align your child's moniker with Team Jacob. So many are, after all. According to Time magazine, people are loving names from Twilight for their offspring. ...more

That's such a shame because Holden is a great name. Tell him it has nothing to do with the car ...more

And that was the millionth time I dreamt about Edward Cullen

I am robscene! I must admit, like millions of Twihards out there, I have become a bit obsessed with Robert Pattinson, or RPattz if you're nasty....more

Twilight DVD to be released Friday at Midnight, and even old ladies like myself swoon

So the Twilight DVD drops this weekend, but no, I'm not going to be lining up at my local Borders to buy it. Are you serious? I had that back-ordered at Amazon, like, months ago. Which means that I can avoid the fan frenzy that's going to start percolating sometime in the wee hours tomorrow, which is great, because although I am, in some very important respects, a fan who has been known to indulge in teh frenzy, I am also old and averse to being trampled by teenagers wearing Team Edward t-shirts. Also: I have a life. ...more

I saw Twilight in theaters and was a little disappointed. Still, I bought it on Blu-Ray a few ...more

Fans Bitten By Twilight Movie Fever

var iamInit = function() {try{initIamServingHandler(234,349,528018,"http://cdn.pis.picapp.com/IamProd/Resources/Css/css2.css")}catch(ex){}}() Twilight fans the internet over are squeeing with excitement. We are braced on the edge of anticipation because this week some of the most beloved characters in recent memory will come to life. Yes, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight it hitting the big screens. We haven't seen the likes of this since Harry Potter first hit cinemas and Twilight fans are predicting that it will end up being even bigger than Harry Potter at the box office. Will it live up to the hype or will it be a one-week wonder? ...more

We both enjoyed ourselves. I rather liked the portrayal of Edward as an occasionally awkward ...more