The Great Gatsby: Redford vs. DiCaprio Smackdown

Baz Luhrmann's version of The Great Gatsby is brash and loud and colorful, compared to the pastel-hued tones of Jack Clayton's 1974 version. But is it a better film? Yes and no. The real take-away as the credits began to roll was that F. Scott Fitzgerald's timeless tale had proved, once again, to be, while not exactly un-filmable, at least as elusive to capture as Gatsby's dream of a future life with Daisy proved to be....more
I dunno for me Reford was more convincing as Getsby, I like Dicaprio more as an actor, but ...more

Who is Your Pick for Sexiest Celebrity, Dead or Alive?

When I was younger and he was in his prime, I had a massive crush on Robert Redford. We're talking The Natural, Brubaker, and The Candidate. And The Way We Were... That movie still makes me cry....more
 @LivingLolaI grew up on Hitchcock movies (my dad was a big fan) -- I hear you!more