Robin Thicke Begs Estranged Wife Paula Patton to Take Him Back, But Should She?

"I wish I could changeI wish I could changeI wish I could stop saying the same old things..."-Robin Thicke, "Complicated"...more
I would not care for the way he is behaving. I value my privacy too much for this. I am not ...more

Robin Thicke Wins Sexist of the Year Award

Robin Thicke was given the award by the End Violence Against Women Coalition, who gifted him with a downloadable copy of Aretha Franklin's Respect. This isn't a surprise to me; the song and video are so unambiguously sexist that even my 11-year-old daughter could see it, although she didn't articulate it in feminist terms....more
OpalZushaquon Thanks for reading and commenting! I hope she will work things out as she gets ...more

The Subversive Stylings of Bruno Mars

Although everyone was up in arms about Miley Cyrus pole-dance-twerking at the VMAs on Robin Thicke, no one seemed to notice who was the truly subversive (and truly talented) musical artist in the room ... Bruno Mars. Mars has been quietly turning out hit after hit, for himself and other artists for the past few years....more