August Rush

We witnessed the sad news of Robin Williams' demise this August. As the month of August comes to an end, it reminds us about his movie, August Rush and how special the movie is to us. ...more

Midlife Cabernet: What's So Funny?

The words “Cook in your underwear” aren’t that funny. But in the context of a speech I gave last week to the Idaho Association of School Administrators, the phrase prompted 500 people to spontaneously laugh out loud. For a speaker and an incorrigible clown, it’s a delightful feeling to say a few words that cause people to explode with laughter....more

Suicide is Painful

Two days ago, the world was shaken with the news that one of our most beloved stars, Robin Williams, died through suicide. Since I heard the news, I’ve debated whether to write on his death or not. Should I go there? Should I discuss all the thoughts that went through my head? Or, should I let the news pass over me and move on to other more happy thoughts?Suicide is personal to me. Any suicide I hear about breaks my heart. It doesn’t matter if it is someone as famous as Robin or if the person was unknown to all but those who loved him or her. Each suicide affects me deeply. ...more

What Dreams May Come

"To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub; For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come."...more

Robin Williams & Mental Health

I write this at 8pm on Tuesday evening today I was going to post the results of my juice detox but this just seemed more pressing. At 5am this morning I was woken by my phone and as is habit I checked facebook only to see my Dad had posted "RIP Robin Williams" What? Surely not? But the more I scrolled through and after a quick check of BBC news it was confirmed. Robin Williams had died of a suspected suicide. ...more

How What I Learned from My Friend's Suicide is Helping Me Cope with the Death of Robin Williams

It's so ironic to me that my last post was about a definitive movie from my daughters' childhood and how that movie helped me decide to peel back my layers and write about things that really matter to me.  I mentioned that one of my upcoming posts would be about my friend's suicide.  All day today another quote from a different movie from girls' childhood resonated in my head: "Genie! Of! The Lamp!" ...more

Depression Is All In Your Head – A Reflection On Suspected Suicide Of Robin Williams

Robin Williams was born just two years after my father. My father grew up in a generation when the words “mental health” held an incredible amount of stigma, even more so than today. Mental illness was largely feared and misunderstood.Crazy. Demented. Unstable. Nervous. Dangerous....more

Don't Give Up Yet, Just Wait

 I have thought about committing suicide many, many times over the last 20 years....more