How to Choose Your Perfect Household Vacuuming Partner

With the pace at which our lives move these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manually do daily chores. Women of today have progressive careers, bigger circles and much more engaging goals of their own that to focus on these redundant tasks and that’s why robotic vacuuming is gaining more and more traction every passing day. Any woman would prefer having somebody whom she can tell what to do and then leave without the requirement of any supervision....more

Have a Chat with Dieting & Weight Loss Coach AUTOM from MIT

I met Cory Kidd in Kentucky recently at the annual Idea Festival, who flew south from New England to show off Autom, a robot designed to help people with their diets. It is up to the user to enter in the details of their diet, such has their fitness level and then Autom uses its databank to interact with the user, engage in conversation and give you feedback....more

Doodle Per Diem #2

Today's doodle is a happy little robot dude powering-up his superpowers!How did a robot get superpowers? I don't know, but I assume there was a mischievous wizard involved somehow.I hope that this little robot uses his powers for good! ...more
@victorias_view Not until he's repaved my driveway!more

Life in an Antarctic Research Station

It is the Austral Summer. It is travel season for those making their ways to Antarctic research stations. There are a number of scientists, students and even an artist or two who have recorded their experiences. Yes, there are bloggers in Antarctica. You think you have a shaky Internet connection? Try blogging from Antarctica. Making the Journey ...more