Where do you get your diamonds?  Are they certified by the Kimberley Process as "conflict free" diamonds?  If so, you've purchased a sense of well being, but KP authentication is no guarantee of a bloodless sparkly.  The Kimberley Process certification "guarantees" that certain diamonds don't come from conflict countries.  If you only buy KP diamonds, the thinking goes, you'll have avoided funding bloody revolutions and enslaving minors.  Sweet....more

Listening Room #15 - Pat Benatar - Crimes of Passion

Pat Benatar - Crimes of Passion (1980) on Chrysalis Pat Benatar was one of the first female rockers that I was ever exposed to. I came from a small, rural town in Pennsylvania, where "classic rock" filled every rock station. Apparently, it was the only thing considered music, and demographically, it wasn't shocking that we didn't have a more diverse radio enviroment. But, classic rock was what I had, so, I looked for inspiration when it was broadcast. Granted, this was the 90s, and I could have found out about artists other ways, like MTV, or the internets, or concerts. But this was a small town, I didn't have cable or the internet, so the radio was all I had for a long time. At times, it felt like I was really in 1970, but I digress. ...more

Listening Room # 4 - The Motels - All For One

The Motels - All For One (1982) on Capital Known for a few hits in the 80s, like "Only The Lonely" and "Suddenly, Last Summer" but probably not known for being a tight, solid, new wave band. The Motels had 5 albums in the 80s, combining the best elements of rock with new wave flair and a respectable dose of distortion. ...more

Do They Know It's Christmas Time Yet? Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Band Aid

We've become accustomed to celebrity charitable endorsements, but let me transport you back to a simpler time long ago, exactly 25-years ago in the magical, shiny 1980s, when it was rare to see contemporary famous icons stepping forward to align themselves with a cause.  What's more, a group of disparate performers uniting to create an original song to raise awareness and funds for a new charity?  It had never been done until Bob Geldof, Midge Ure and a star-studded entourage formed the ad hoc Band Aid and released "Do They Know It's Christmas" in 1984. ...more

I always figured the Ethiopian Jews didn't know it was Christmas time due to ...more

Rockin' Women

So, a friend of mine recently bought Rock Band 2, for the Wii. The reason being that Beatles Rock Band is coming out in September and his best friend as already pre-ordered it. In an attempt to make sure that we don't all suck, when the Beatles edition comes out, Rock Band 2 was purchased to ensure that we have time to practice, before September. (Yes, I am apparently, that much of a geek.) As we have gotten together recently, (at present time, it's usually two men and two women) it has occured to me that the vast majority of the songs that are available, ...more

Rock & Roll Grows Up

I am totally addicted to rock and roll. I’ve been listening to it ever since I was 10 years old and my parents bought me my first Walkman personal/portable cassette player and my very first cassette tapes. My first rock influences were Huey Lewis & The News, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Duran Duran and (sadly) Michael Jackson. My big brother, whom I idolized completely, soon turned me on to the mellower sounds of Billy Joel, Elton John and other true rock icons. ...more

Stoned, on La Pisette Gemstone Rings

 PYRITE RING. $105. Here at the Bling Blog, we have seen our share of “rock on a wire” rings. Nevertheless, I was rocked by La Pisette’s simple, yet so wonderful, gemstone rings. Concocted by designer Stacy Saunders, whose fascination with geodes began with her first rock collection at age 10, each ring is made to order, and no two stones are exactly alike. ...more

The List of My Rocker-Chick Idols

I'll list them in chronological order (according to when I began to worship them): Ms. Joni Mitchell > The queen of folk, master of emotion, poetry and lyrical genius, there's nothing NOT to love. Just talking about her is making me CRAVE listening to something off her BLUE album, one of my favorite albums of all time. ...more

Gratitude and Tom Stoppard

Thursday, February 14, 2008 Waxing Moon Saturn Retrograde Mercury Retrograde Sunny and cold Valentine’s Day First of all, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of you for being in my life. See, I don’t think we need to be sucked into the commercial pressures of Valentine’s Day. What this day is good for is to remind us to let the people around us know that they matter. All of you MATTER. Thank you. I’d have added a cute little graphic, but, honestly, yesterday was too exhausting. ...more