My FIRST Half Marathon!!

Hey y'all! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty amazing ... I ran the entire time for my first half marathon! I can't express how PROUD I am of myself!! I love that I put my mind to something and accomplished it! It feels amazing :)I'm not going to lie, there were times when I wanted to give up, when I wanted to just start walking ... but I didn't. I love when I'm strong and determined!...more
Yay! It's awesome you made it across the finish line! It must feel fantastic to reach your goal ...more

Ep 36: Kim & Friends Live from Las Vegas

How else can I describe this episode of Running & Other Stuff but to say we cover a lot of topics. This show was recorded on the Friday and Saturday prior to the Strip At Night events and we pick up more guests as we go along. Marco Polo at the airport, Fremont St., hotel choices, loops at the airport, charging our cell phones, who texts who first, licorice, Circus Circus has a lot of lights on it, there’s a clown show (they missed it though), and what it says on the back of the Welcome to Vegas sign....more