A Night in the Chair

The week before last, just before I woke up with the flu, Charlie woke up one night around 10:30 pm crying.  I ran up the stairs, since this isn't a common occurrence around here anymore {thankfully}.  Poor girl wasn't feeling well.  She was all stuffed up and congested, so sleeping was really difficult, even though she was exhausted. ...more

Rock-a-bye Baby...

It has been a really looong week! Jordan has been working late every night. I miss getting my evening break, from our little energize bunny of a baby, when Daddy comes home to play till bedtime. I’m not complaining, just tired and running out of ideas to entertain Brewer. Read more on my blog---->...more

SWAG ALERT from Bellaziza -WIN Italtrike's new Cavallino Rocking Horse !!!

Just wanted to invite everyone to check out what we are giving away for this week's SWAG ALERT giveaway at www.bellazizasfavorites.com !   Just visit us online at our blog to enter to win this gorgeous wooden rocking horse from Italtrike!   www.bellazizasfavorites.com ...more