Garage Surprise!!!!

It is that time of the year, we are all making that trip to the garage to search for the storage boxes you are sure you labeled for the holidays.  Ever feel as though there is something lurking in the corner just waiting for your  arrival?  Well I can tell you that finding that surprise can be traumatizing!  In my search for the storage containers I needed, I heard a little scurry noise, after I recovered from the stoke I am sure I had, there was silence.  I grabbed the container and slowly pulled it from the shelf to set it down, to my horror behind it in t...more

My aversion to pets

Someone asked me the other day why I don't have any pets. Will I let Aubrey have one when she gets older?  I hesitated.  I got the "what?  you don't love animals?" look.  But then I told them my story.  It's one of life lessons I will never forget. ...more
Ha! I love the name you came up with!  I don't blame you for not getting anymore guinea ...more

The Rescue of Stuart Little

I’ve been having a cricket problem lately. I hate crickets. They look like jumping cockroaches to me. In fairness, I hate almost anything with more than 4 legs. I don’t mind some of the glorified bugs like butterflies and lightning bugs but absolutely hate flies and silverfish. Don’t even get me started on spiders. I will run to the opposite end of the house and cry my eyes out over a spider if he’s scary enough or startles me....more

Crafting a Life: Pet Crafts

Did you know that over two-thirds of American households claim a pet among the family members?  These animals look to us for food, shelter and comfort.  So while we're crafting fun things for the other family members, let's not forget the pets. ...more

I don't think it's ever occurred to me to make a pet toy, but if my children were still ...more