Women Who Choose Abortion Have Feelings, Too

Fourteen years ago, I sat bawling hysterically in a women's health center. My lower stomach had been cramping for about three weeks. I thought I was just ovulating, and that it was normal....more
That's why I don't want men debate or decide what women should do. Thank you for writing about ...more

Why Abortion Rights Matter To Maternal Health

In all the talk about the terrible, tragic, politically-motivated murder of George Tiller, and about how such an act sets back choice, how it sets back dialogue, how it sets back our presumptions that women should not be, need not be, afraid to exercise choice, that doctors should not be, need not be, afraid to aid women in the exercise of choice, we've been overlooking this: for many women, in many parts of the world, abortion is only suffered in conditions of tr ...more

I second both of you. Last year, I wrote that when I vote for more