How To Model Marriage For Your Kids

As a parent, we teach our kids everything from feeding and clothing themselves to how to get the best deal on the dress they want.  We try to show them how to become independent and responsible citizens of the world.   Yet, it seems that with divorce rates staggeringly high, and so many putting off marriage, we don't seem to be doing that great a job of teaching our kids about the institution and about longtime committment.  What are we doing wrong and how do we fix it? ...more

No female role models - what to do?

A blog post by Ginni Chen, Chief Happiness Officer at iDoneThis, caught my eye.  Her post,, was about role models for women in tech start-ups, or rather, the lack thereof.  As Ginni pointed out, vastly more men then women populate tech start-ups, a fact made worse by statistics showing men predominating over women in the essential services that surround start-ups, such as finance. ...more

Miley Cyrus, just because you can doesn't mean you should...

I’m sitting here trying to decide whether to throw away my daughters’ vintage Hannah Montana DVD or hide it in the top of a closet where they’ll never find it.After the morning school routine with my elementary-aged daughters, I decided to turn on the television for the latest news broadcasting around the globe.  I’ve heard there are a few little things to be concerned about, from US raids in Libya and Somalia to a shutdown of the federal government and concerns about the health care system, so I thought I’d hear what those in the know have to say....more

Why Mocking Miss Utah Distracts Us From the Real Issues

This year’s Miss USA pageant brought the world another opportunity to rip a woman to shreds when Miss Utah, 21-year-old Marissa Powell, failed to coherently answer a current events question. Yes, the question was on a topic that directly impacts women. Yes, she could have done better. But, damn, can we just give her a break?...more
I used to watch the pageants when I was a kid too. It was an event. I couldn't wait. It was like ...more

Girl Power: How Do Your Friends Influence Your Kids?

I love my girlfriends. Despite being a shy child and having only a few friends at a time, somehow as an adult I have surrounded myself with strong, smart, funny, confident, amazing and sometimes wildly inappropriate women. I got lucky, really lucky. So did my daughter....more
This is excellent. I have a close friend who also has a daughter, and we try to keep ourselves ...more

The Importance of Conspicuously Parenting Teens

Monday morning I went for a walk with two friends who are mothers. As it often does, talk fairly quickly turned to our teenage daughters and the triumphs and challenges we are facing right now. We took turns talking about and listening to each others' unique perspectives and it felt good to be in the company of others whose values are similar and who may have fresh ideas for looking at sticky situations. I was struck by how incredibly important parents are to children as they go through the early teen years. ...more
@Jamie Beck I agree about the technology part 100%! Fortunately, my husband is a social media ...more

How to Deliver Kids to the World That Don't Suck

This article was originally posted on as part of the "Lessons Learned While Conquering the World" series.  Enjoy. --------------------I sat down at the end of week-one of my glorious vacation to Manchester By the Sea, MA, just 30 miles North of Boston (visiting the family of M.C. Nugget), to write this quick article....more

olympic spirit: a lesson for our young girls

I've never been an athlete. The closest I came to competitive sports was a one year stint as a right-fielder in a junior high softball league. We started out as the second worst team in the league, but quickly swapped that title for the worst team. I did not do much to help relinquish that honor. ...more

Kanye West, Jay-Z, Oprah, and Reality Show Vixens: Do We Need Black Role Models?

A couple of months ago, Oprah's Lifeclass: The Tour made a stop in my hometown. I was completely unaware about the stop until two days prior to the event, when I got a frantic text from a friend. “Girl, did you get your tickets to Oprah’s Lifeclass????” ...more
I have always questioned why the culture seem to think that black people need these public role ...more

Those Elusive 21st Century Female Role Models

Is anyone else entertained?  Can you recall any male executive who was held accountable amidst all of the hoopla surrounding the global financial crisis in 2008?  We had a crisis that resulted in the collapse or near collapse of large financial institutions, like Lehman Brothers or AIG; the federal bailout of financial services and large industrial companies, recall TARP and GM; downturns in the global stock market and the housing ...more
Glad you're with me!  And your inspiration....more