The Girl

Samantha Geimer, who in 1977 was the 13 year-old who was "the girl" in the infamous Roman Polanski sexual abuse case, has finally chosen to tell the whole, sordid story in her own words in The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski....more

Where do you stand on Roman Polanski?

It is, perhaps, ironic that right around the same time that Mackenzie Phillips went public about her incest experience, a second entertainment icon was thrust into the limelight for sexual misconduct, as well: Roman Polanski was arrested in connection with a 30-year-old rape charge and the entertainment world went into an uproar. ...more

She didn't consider it real rape because the girl was young and didn't actively fight and ...more

Separating The Art From The Artist


I'll say it again.

There are plenty of great artists who are not rapists and ...more

Being A Genius Does Not Excuse Raping A Child

Roman Polanski is a genius. No doubt about it. He's even pretty charming, really. It does not change the fact that he entered a plea of GUILTY to "unlawful sex with a child", and can, at least in my mind, be legitimately be called a child-rapist.That is not charming....more

Thanks for those posts Melissa.

This quote attributed to Luc Besson by one of ...more

Our national sin: Roman not Paris

Remember back before the hype and noise of the 2008 presidential campaign. The media, not yet consumed with "bittergate" or "Bosniagate," was gnashing its teeth about our society's seeming reckless and unreasoned adoration for celebrity, above all else. The unholy poster girl of our addled minds was supposed to be Paris Hilton. What shallow and dull-witted society would worship a pantyless, dull-eyed heiress with no discernible talent? ...more